Global Engagement

The Global Engagement Committee of Lincoln Rotary Club 14 aims to educate Rotarians about the international service of Rotary and the Rotary Foundation. We encourage members to develop a sense of connection to the global network of Rotarians through international projects and activities aligned with Rotary's areas of focus:

  • promoting peace
  • fighting disease
  • providing clean water, sanitation, and hygiene
  • saving mothers and children
  • supporting education
  • growing local economies
  • protecting the environment
Each year, the committee solicits, reviews, and submits grant proposals ranging from small projects funded entirely by Club 14 to large, global grants that involve funding and oversight by the Rotary Foundation. After a grant is approved, we continue monitoring projects to ensure timely implementation, accurate reporting, and proper use of funding. 
Learn more about the work of the Global Engagement Committee and Rotary 14. 

Lincoln Rotary #14 Project & Grant Evaluation Application Form for Rotary Club Projects

Click on the button below to download the application PDF with typeable fields. After typing your responses, save the form locally to your computer. Next, attach the PDF to an email and submit to
NOTE: Deadline for submissions is January 20 for the Rotary year beginning in July of the same year. 
Currently, the Global Engagement Committee webpage is under development. More information on past and current projects will be included soon. Please email to get involved, ask questions, or suggest future collaborations.