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Why Donate?

Your gifts, both large and small, will help us to achieve the Rotary 14 Foundation mission. Thank you in advance for your generous support that allows us to make a difference in the lives across the globe.

How to Donate?

Presently, you may donate to the Rotary #14 Foundation by visiting this online form or contacting the Executive Director.

Mission Statement

The Lincoln Rotary Club 14 Foundation is a not-for-profit Nebraska corporation, chartered in 1997 to provide a source of support for the objectives of Lincoln Rotary Club 14. The Foundation enjoys tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States. The entity is organized to hold and manage assets which will hopefully increase in value over time through new contributions, earnings and careful superintendence of available funds.

The Foundation is dedicated to "Service Above Self," the motto that guides the activities of Rotary clubs throughout the world. The Foundation's vision for the future includes civic and financial support for the Lincoln/Lancaster County, Nebraska, community and beyond through support of selected projects that reflect the aims and goals of Club 14.

About/Foundation Beneficiaries

The Lincoln Rotary Club #14 Foundation was founded in 1997 as part of a long-range strategy to build an endowment to serve as the financial vehicle for all of our Club's charitable service on a local level and around the world. We are honored by our Rotarians' generosity to build our Club's Foundation for almost 25 years. Members' contributions to the Rotary #14 Foundation support current projects and help us build a greater vision for the future of our Rotary Club and our community as we look toward the next Rotary year and beyond. More than 200 club members have pledged financial support of the foundation.
The Rotary #14 Foundation provides for a portion of the annual earnings to be granted to community organizations while also setting aside a portion of those earnings to build future giving capacity and to support "Signature Projects" each decade. In 2020, we achieved the significant milestone of having awarded more than $1.6 Million in grants, scholarships and awards since the inception of the Foundation in 1997. The Foundation's project and grant implementation plan provides for a portion of the annual earnings to be granted to community organizations through our bi-annual grant application cycle, while also setting aside a portion of those earnings to build future giving capacity and to support club “Signature Projects."
In the 2019-2020 Rotary year, your support towards the Rotary #14 Foundation provided the following:
  • $16,000 in support of these Club projects: Rotary Youth Exchange, Miller Math Award, Martin Legacy Fund for polio eradication, International Student Picnic, and a dictionary to every 4th grade student in Lincoln.
  • $24,000 in grant funding to support local organizations such as Girls Inc of Lincoln for college and career prep programming to high risk students, Rabble Mill dba The Bay, Boys and Girls Clubs, CEDARS Youth Services, Gathering Place, Tabitha Meals on Wheels, and a behavioral/mental health program for LPS elementary students through Lutheran Family Services.
  • $20,000 towards affordable housing in the South of Downtown neighborhood.
  • $16,000 in COVID-19 relief funding plus $3,000 in designated new funds by Rotarians supporting critical needs in our community for those who are facing impacts related to the pandemic.
  • $10,000 for planting trees in the Everett neighborhood.
  • $10,000 in need-based college scholarship funding to four Lincoln students.
  • $17,000 in projects selected by the Club’s World Fellowship and Community Service Committee directed towards our international community including education on sustainable living in Namibia, stocking a pond with fish for a renewable protein food source in Zambia, and medical clinics and water tanks in Kenya.
That's $113,000 in total giving just this year, a level only made possible by the contributions and support of all Rotarians. 

Please consider donating $50, $80, $110 or more in honor of our Club’s 110th year to the Rotary #14 Foundation. Your donation is what makes our Club’s charitable projects and community giving possible.

Qualified Charitable Donations (QCD) Direct from your IRA Account

Members with IRA accounts may be eligible to make a withdrawal from their IRA account that counts toward your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) without taxation by making a direct donation to a charitable organization. Those meeting the current age requirements, formerly those older than 70 ½, now 72 for those reaching that age in 2020, can print the form below and provide it to their retirement plan administrator and follow their rules for the donation. Please consult your tax advisor to confirm your eligibility to participate. 

Donor Recognition

Since Lincoln Rotary Club #14 Foundation was founded on February 7, 1997, Rotarians have been encouraged to support the foundation in a variety of ways to build an endowment in service to our community. The broadest area of support has come from our pledge campaigns: The Founders' Group, Centennial Club, and Vision 2020. Additional opportunities include The Memory Book, The Legacy Society, and the Endowment Leadership Group.

The Founders' Group

A number of individuals pledged support to the foundation in the beginning years of the organization. Founders’ Group members made a commitment of at least $2,010 to be paid over 10 years, an amount that represents the year the club celebrated its 100th anniversary, from the time the foundation was established through the end of the Founders’ Group campaign on December 31, 2001. 

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Centennial Club

Established at the end of the Founders’ Group campaign on December 31, 2001, new members and others who had not contributed previously joined the Centennial Club. This campaign began in January of 2002, lasting through our club centennial year of 2010, included gifts of $2,010 or more, again paid over 10 years. These gifts were used to help finance our 100th anniversary project, and to build the future giving capacity of Club #14. 

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Vision 2020

As we continue our second century of service as a club, we continue the process of building an even greater vision for the future of our foundation and the new initiatives it will make possible in the future. The Vision 2020 campaign, invites new Rotarians and those that have completed an earlier pledge, to pledge a total of $2,020, or $202 per year for 10 years. This campaign began in February of 2011 with the goal of having a $2.2 million endowment by the year 2020, to allow us to make a $200,000 gift for a Signature Project in celebration of the 110th anniversary of Club #14. 

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Memory Book

Many individuals have been remembered by their friends and family through the Lincoln Rotary Club #14 Foundation Memory Book. This special recognition is provided when a memorial donation is made in their name. 

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Legacy Society

Individuals who have designated $1,000 or more in their will or through a life insurance policy are recognized as members of the Legacy Society. This is one of the most important elements of our foundation support, and we gratefully acknowledge those who have made this commitment. 

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Endowment Leadership Group

A select group of contributors have chosen to fund special endowments. These individuals, families and organizations will touch the lives of many endowment recipients for many years to come.

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Board of Directors

David C. Livingston

Vice President
Sandra Fabry

Michael J. Wortman

Peter Christian Hove

Elected Directors
Beverly R. Austin
Arthur L. Knox
Mari Lane Gewecke
Kristian H. Rutford
Mark Stephens
Daniel E. Wherry
Melanie J. Whittamore-Mantzios

Permanent Directors (up to 5 Past Presidents)
James V. Griesen (2017-19)
Susan Stibal (2015‐17)
Sharon B. Wherry (2013‐15)
Barbara M. Bartle (2009‐11)
James A. Mastera (2003‐05)
Ex-Officio (non-voting)
Eric J. Drumheller (Club President)
Christina L. Usher (Club Vice President)
Mailani Veney (Club Past President)
Executive Director
Mary Buckley
Ph: 402-796-2505 

Financials (Year Ended June 30)

2020: $60,102
2019: $151,982
Net Income from Fundraisers
2020: $41,180
2019: $52,891
Net Return on Investments
2020: $50,361
2019: $77,099
Total Income Before Investment Gains (Losses)
2020: $151,643
2019: $281,973
Unrealized Gains (Losses) on Investments
2020: $57,258
2019: $87,642
Total Income
2020: $208,901
2019: $369,614
Admin Expenses
2020: ($45,475)
2019: ($45,022)
Grants Awarded
2020: ($226,163)
2019: ($123,381)
Net Increase (Decrease) in Assets
2020: ($62,737)
2019: $201,211
Total Net Assets (at Market Value)
2020: $2,176,287
2019: $2,239,024

Major Grants and Scholarship Awards (Thru July 2020)

  • Miller Math Award - $22,000
  • Other Awards - $2,750
Subtotal - $24,750
Community Service Grants
  • Auction or Fundraiser Grants – Community Beneficiaries - $246,197
  • Centennial-Signature Projects - $200,000
  • Service Fund & Community Grants - $149,940
  • Other Community Service Grants - $106,686
Subtotal - $702,823
International Service Grants
  • World Community Service Projects - $160,813
  • The Rotary Foundation – APF - $10,000
  • The Rotary Foundation – End Polio Now - $94,376
  • Other International Service Projects - $35,081
Subtotal - $300,270
  • Lincoln Rotary Club #14 Recipients - $131,939
  • Other Scholarship Recipients - $4,000
Subtotal - $135,939
Youth Service Grants
  • Auction or Fundraiser Grants – Youth Service Beneficiaries - $163,614
  • Community Grants - Youth Service - 107,447
  • Birthday Books - $31,427
  • Character Counts - $29,114
  • Dictionary Project - $100,704
  • TeamMates - $22,865
  • Youth Exchange Program - $45,864
  • Other Youth Service Grants - $21,731
Subtotal - $522,766
GRAND TOTAL: $1,686,548