Jan 17, 2023
Toni Rupe
"A Pandemic's Impact on Classroom Volunteering"

“A Pandemic’s Impact on Classroom Volunteering”

Junior Achievement of Lincoln reached its 50th anniversary of continued growth in our community in 2021.  Yes, the year of hybrid learning when dedicated JA volunteers Zoom-ed into classrooms to talk about real-life experiences related to financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and workforce readiness skills.  Currently, JA reaches over 30,000 K-12 students annually in more than 1,400 classrooms thanks to 1,000+ volunteers including Rotarian Randy Bretz, who will immerse you in a first grade classroom and share his volunteer experience before introducing JA’s Vice President, Toni Rupe.  Tuesday’s presentation will be a surprising look into JA’s long-term partnership with Lincoln’s private and public schools and the not-so-surprising impact a pandemic had on volunteer involvement at a time when the need for adult mentors and role models could not be any greater for our youth.