Mar 26, 2024 12:00 PM
Colonel Ericka Flanigan - USSTRATCOM

Colonel Ericka Flanigan is the Deputy Chief of Staff, United States Strategic Command, at Offutt AFB, Nebraska. She recently served as Director, Nuclear Command, Control and Communications Intelligence Enterprise, and was Vice Commander, 70th ISR Wing at Ft. Meade, Maryland.

While assigned to Joint Enabling Capabilities Command, she commanded the Joint Planning Support Element, enabling warfighting plans at every Combatant Command. Additionally, she served as a Senior Air Force Fellow at the George C. Marshall Center for European Security Studies in Garmisch, Germany, and held Squadron Command at Scott Air Force Base. Col Flanigan is a 2010 graduate of the School of Advanced Air and Space Studies. While stationed at the Pentagon, Colonel Flanigan specialized as an Air Force intelligence analyst for ballistic missiles and chemical and biological weapons. During this time, she represented Air Force efforts for national-level policy, multiple National Intelligence Estimates, and was briefer to the Chief of Staff of the Air Force. Colonel Flanigan was the Wing Intelligence Flight Commander at Charleston Air Force Base, where she commanded intelligence actions for all C-17 operations during the opening days of OIF and ongoing ops in OEF. In 2005 Colonel Flanigan was assigned to headquarters, United States Strategic Command, where she held various positions, executive officer for the Director of Global Operations and served as Aide-de-Camp for the Commander, USSTRATCOM.

As Commander, AMC HQ’s Air Intelligence Squadron at Scott AFB, her squadron performed threat mitigation and prepared all ISR support for over 900 global missions a day. In addition to logistics support to Afghanistan, her squadron contributed significant intelligence for Libyan operations, and logistics exit strategy for Iraq.

As a Senior Air Force Fellow at the George C. Marshall Center, Colonel Flanigan focused her research on strategic implications of European/NATO partnerships and counterterrorism, including interviewing terrorists in Northern Ireland. While at the Marshall Center, she led Regional Security Studies in the Balkans, Central Asian States, as well as direct engagements with the German Ministry of Defense, German Parliament in Berlin and NATO HQ, Brussels.