Contact: Mark Feit
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Lincoln #14
Cosmic Eye Brewing
6800 P Street
Lincoln, NE 68505
United States of America

20 mile route on bike trails, with a 10 mile option

$3500 fundraising goal, $200 minimum per rider through pledges or self-donation. Additionally, 14 and South will have a friendly competition to see who can raise more per rider.

President Christina has set a goal of $3500 to fund our Polio efforts, and together we can surpass that goal! To do that, we are looking for 18 Riders, each with a fundraising goal of $200. We already have four signed up: Me, President Christina, Clay Ehlers, and Mark Stephens.

I know some people HATE asking for donations, so you are welcome to write a $200 check and call it a day. But think about it this way: if you're riding the 10 mile route, ask 10 friends to sponsor you at $2 a mile. That's a $20 pledge, times 10 = goal! Social media works great for this too. While we can't accept online donations, cash or check can be collected and turned into Yolanda.